You need to implement this now! Rondos

You might know them as 4 v 1, 4 v 2, monkey in the middle, or keep away. Rondos are the best, most fundamental practice sessions you can have to teach possession. Rondos means “rounds” in Spanish, and it’s a possession game to keep the ball away from defenders through short passes.

We see rondos frequently in games, especially when watching Barcelona or Bayern Munich. But what I struggled with was how to move from a 4 v 1 rondo during practice to one during the game. This presentation shows it. It’s a road map of moving from simple rondos for warmups to how to use them in a game-like situations. It starts with a insights on why it’s important and ends with pictures from real games where you see rondos.

Rondos by Kieran Smith

Link to Kieran Smith’s Rondos presentation¬†

Check out ¬†Kieran Smith’s Twitter feed for even more info. ¬†

Next Step: Choose 2 or 3 of the Tactical rondos, write out your own coaching points, and use them in practice. Master these rondos first before applying the others.

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