You need to implement this now! Rondos

You might know them as 4 v 1, 4 v 2, monkey in the middle, or keep away. Rondos are the best, most fundamental practice sessions you can have to teach possession. Rondos means “rounds” in Spanish, and it’s a possession game to keep the ball away from defenders through short passes. We

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see rondos frequently in games, especially when watching Barcelona or Bayern Munich. But what I struggled with was how to move from a 4 v 1 rondo during practice to one during the game. This presentation shows it. It’s a road map of moving from simple rondos for warmups to how to use them in a game-like situations. It starts with a insights on why it’s important and ends with pictures from real games where you see rondos. Rondos by Kieran Smith Link to Kieran Smith’s Rondos presentation Check out Kieran Smith’s Twitter feed for even more info. Next Step: Choose 2 or 3 of the Tactical rondos, write out your own coaching points, and use them in practice. Master these rondos first before applying the others.

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